Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sony Rootkit DRM update

The Sony rootkit issue has been gaining a lot of heat, with new updates and malice releasing every day, and with a new round of law suits too. In addition to the on going steam about Sony's rootkit problem, there a latest update:

Sony installing a rootkit to hide its "XCP" DRM (digital rights management) software as installed on users' PCs. The DRM software isn't something a typical user would want; the "rights" it manages are Sony's rights, i.e. by preventing users from making copies of Sony music, and this protection for Sony comes at the cost of 1%-2% of CPU time

Having bungled this situation, Sony has recalled affected CDs and announced an exchange program to swap customers' affected CDs for XCP-free replacements. For savvy consumers who have followed this story, the exchange looks straightforward. But what about ordinary users, who don't read the technology press and aren't likely to learn their rights?

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