Tuesday, November 29, 2005

RSS On your PSP ( Firmware Update 2.60 )

Sony has released the latest firmware patch for the PSP. I think they added some features instead of a stupid excuse for users to upgrade their firmware. And here's the list of the features:
  • [RSS Channel] has been added as a feature under [Network].[Volume Adjustment] has been added as an option in the [LocationFreeā„¢ Player] control panel.[Simplified Chinese (GB18030)]* and [Traditional Chinese (Big5)] have been added as options to [Encoding] under [View] in the [Internet Browser] menu bar.* The option has some limitations.For details, see "About the Internet Browser's Chinese fonts".

Warning: If you update your PSP from version 1.0, 1.50 or 2.0 you will lose the ability to run homebrew software. And please don't ask us how to downgrade your PSP which you just upgraded to this version.

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