Sunday, November 27, 2005

Links for 11/27/2005

The Top 10 hacks Of All Time
  • "DNA takes a look at the top 10 hacking incidents of all time — instances where some of the most seemingly secure computer networks were compromised"

Ads On Blogs Anger Longtime AOL Users

  • As America Online turns more toward advertising dollars to offset the shrinking number of subscribers who pay a monthly fee, the company may be upsetting the longtime customers who have remained faithful over the years.

Future Relevancy or Page Rank?

  • With all the talk about search engines and relevancy, I came up with some interesting thoughts that ... Blogs From the Road - New York Times

  • Travelers armed with digital cameras are finding that keeping a blog on the road can be a compelling and viable way of maintaining contact with friends and family.

The Complete Guide to Converting Video to iPod Format (Mac)

  • This tutorial discusses how to convert existing video to iPod-friendly format on a Mac. A PC tutorial will follow.


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