Saturday, November 26, 2005

Links for 11/26/2005

Old online video and arcade games for free
  • Some really cool games from the 1980's.

Mac Tracker: Ultimate Mac Info Tool

  • This is a cool little app that provides detailed information on every Apple machine made.

Ash's Block Digg Users & Stories -- Updated To Firefox Extension!!

  • That's right! The now famous Greasemonkey script developed by Ash to block any user, block any story by keyword and block any article, has been updated to a Firefox Extension.

New Vista Build Goes to Select Testers

  • The November Community Technology Preview (CTP) release of Windows Vista has made its way into the hands of some, but seemingly not many, testers. The build number is 5259.

Microsoft plans 500 retail spots in 8 cities

  • Microsoft on Thursday said it will set up 500 retail points in eight cities across India, to drive revenues from the home user segment. "We will set up points of sale in 500 stores in eight cities in another six months to increase our reach among the consumer segment," Neelam Dhawan, managing director, Microsoft India said.


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