Friday, September 30, 2005

Dell’s Tech Support in trouble

“Tech Support”, what is the job function of a Tech Support rep? One, would be to answer and help customers with Tech related questions, and other would be to take calls. But it wasn’t so for this Dell customer. Peter Ulyatt who bought a $1,600 dell pc, complains that he did not get the right service when he called Dell, even though he added an extended warranty to his plan that cost him an additional $300.

As published in a recent article –

“When the CD drive on Peter Ulyatt's Dell desktop computer failed this summer, he called the support crew at Dell.
After sitting on hold for 45 minutes, a technician whom Ulyatt could barely understand came on the line and diagnosed a "software problem."
Ulyatt's call, transferred to the software technician, was dropped. Calling back, Ulyatt waited on hold another 45 minutes, asked for the software desk, and waited a half-hour more before hanging up.”

Peter who plans on buying two more computers now is looking at other computer makers, for buying those PC’s.

Some facts highlighting Dell’s support is suffering –

Complaints to the Better Business Bureau rose 23% in 2004 from the year before, and they're up another 5% this year. And Dell's customer-satisfaction rating fell 6.3%, to a score of 74, in a survey by the University of Michigan. Dell's score puts it right at the PC industry's average for the study, in which Apple Computer Inc.

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