Friday, September 30, 2005

Hacking Firefox: Navigation and Tab Browsing

Hack Firefox!! Another hacking guide, find out ways on how you can hack the best browser in the market ‘Firefox’.

Hacking Firefox: More Than 150 Hacks, Mods, and Customizations, these tweaks will show you how to drill into Firefox settings and code to customize navigation and tabbed browsing. Other features from this book include "Speeding Up Firefox's Browser" and "Hacking Firefox Extensions."

  1. The great thing about Firefox is the ability it provides to customize the browser to suit your personal preferences.
  2. You can start the browser with one, two, five, ten, or as many tabs as you like, each with a different web site.
  3. You can alter the look and behavior of those tabs in just about any way you like.
  4. Did you just close a tab accidentally? No problem. You'll learn how to reopen it.
  5. Don't like the tab bar at the top of the browser? Move it wherever you like.

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Hacking GMail

Would you like to know the secret on how to hack Google's powerful e-mail service "GMail" ?

Here is how you can -

  1. The first book to unlock the true power behind Gmail, Hacking Gmail will immediately appeal to Google and Gmail fans.
  2. This is serious, down-and-dirty, under-the-hood, code-level hacking that will have readers eliminating the default settings, customizing appearance, disabling advertising, and taking control over their Gmail accounts.
  3. Covers turning Gmail into an online hard drive for backing up files, using it as a blogging tool, and even creating customized Gmail tools and hacks.
Take a look, Amazon

Computer Games Help Diagnose Young Kids' Asthma

Interactive computer games can help identify asthma in children as young as 2 years old, according to a new study.

Researchers in Israel found that animated computer games were useful in teaching young children how to use a spirometer, an instrument that measures lung capacity and helps diagnosed asthma.

Doctors usually don't use spirometry for young children, because it's difficult for them to follow the instructions—which require them, for example, to exhale forcefully into a hose connected to the spirometer.

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Geek Watches

Into "Geek Watches"? Here is the ultimate site for you!

Click here

Google Search Tips 2005

Google search, as easy as it sounds, there are ways on how to perform a simple search, that would yield results according to your needs.

Here are some search syntax basics and advanced tricks for
  1. A quote/ phrase search can be written with both quotations ["like this"] as well as a minus in-between words, [like-this].
  2. Google didn’t always understand certain special characters like [#], but now they do; a search for [C#], for example, yields meaningful results (a few years ago, it didn’t).
  3. Google allows 32 words within the search query (some years ago, only up to 10 were used, and Google ignored subsequent words).
  4. To see a really large page-count (possibly, the Google index size, though one can only speculate about that), search for [* *].
  5. Google has a lesser known “numrange” operator which can be helpful. Using e.g. [2000..2005] (that’s two dots inbetween two numbers) will find 2000, 2001, 2002 and so on until 2005.

Hey don’t stop here; there is more, via Lifehacker

Computer detects Cheating

This new technology could lead to a break through in finding the criminal mind; it helps find lying and deceptive behavior in people.

As published in a recent article–

“The technology, being developed by scientists at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, the University of Arizona and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, aims to supplement routine interrogation sessions conducted by law enforcement personnel.”

Some of the benefits of this technology –
  1. It is used to quickly and automatically screen people in high-security spaces, such as airports.
  2. It could even be employed in computerized recognition systems designed to identify people based on their individual body motions.
“We can extract the movement or style of your movement, the way you smile or frown, and use it to ask, 'Is this person Tracy or Dimitri?”

Instead of relying on body physiology, Metaxas' system will use a camera and a special computer program that team members developed to track movements around the eyes, lips, shoulders and hands that even the most experienced eye might miss.

There is more on this, via Discovery

Dell’s Tech Support in trouble

“Tech Support”, what is the job function of a Tech Support rep? One, would be to answer and help customers with Tech related questions, and other would be to take calls. But it wasn’t so for this Dell customer. Peter Ulyatt who bought a $1,600 dell pc, complains that he did not get the right service when he called Dell, even though he added an extended warranty to his plan that cost him an additional $300.

As published in a recent article –

“When the CD drive on Peter Ulyatt's Dell desktop computer failed this summer, he called the support crew at Dell.
After sitting on hold for 45 minutes, a technician whom Ulyatt could barely understand came on the line and diagnosed a "software problem."
Ulyatt's call, transferred to the software technician, was dropped. Calling back, Ulyatt waited on hold another 45 minutes, asked for the software desk, and waited a half-hour more before hanging up.”

Peter who plans on buying two more computers now is looking at other computer makers, for buying those PC’s.

Some facts highlighting Dell’s support is suffering –

Complaints to the Better Business Bureau rose 23% in 2004 from the year before, and they're up another 5% this year. And Dell's customer-satisfaction rating fell 6.3%, to a score of 74, in a survey by the University of Michigan. Dell's score puts it right at the PC industry's average for the study, in which Apple Computer Inc.

More on this click here, via BSW

Blu-ray supporters set record straight

Dell and Hewlett Packard have fired back at Microsoft and Intel for spreading inaccurate information about the Blu-ray Disc format.

As per the article –

Dell and HP say the inaccurate information released by Microsoft and Intel in comparing the two disc formats pertained to storage capacity, content management, and hybrid discs.

Microsoft and Intel say that HD-DVD was a better technology as it had a superior disk.
Today’s news release says that “virtually every computer company that has expressed a preference for a high definition disc format has chosen Blu-ray Disc as the superior format for computer platforms and applications.”

They say the correct information for Blu-ray Disc's storage capacity is 50GB – 67% more than HD-DVD's 30GB ROM capacity and that Managed Copy is not a function of the optical disc format

1. Dell and HP also say that Blu-ray Disc was the first format to introduce a hybrid disc that could hold both high and standard definition versions of a movie on a single disc.
2. Blu-ray Disc players and recorders can and will support DVDs through the addition of red lasers in the hardware to be backward compatible.

"From a PC end-user perspective, Blu-ray is a superior format. It offers 67-150% more storage capacity, higher transfer rates, slim-line notebook compatibility, and more.

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Can Photos be trusted!!

These days any photo can be digitally changed with the help of various Photoshop applications, the web is crawling with jokes, hoaxes and more insidious fakes.

Lance Corporal Ted "JOEY" Boudreaux Jr. was bored. It was the summer of 2003 in Iraq, the pause between the heavy lifting of the U.S. invasion and the turmoil of the insurgency. Loitering at the back gate of his base, mingling with locals, Boudreaux says he scribbled "Welcome Marines" on a piece of cardboard and gave it to some kids, who then posed with him, smiling, for a snapshot.

He e-mailed the picture to his mom, a cousin and a few friends, and he didn’t think about it again. Boredom moved on. That wasn’t the last of the photo, though. The image made its way to the Internet and fell into the hands of bloggers.


spoof-based attack on Internet Explorer

Based on the cnet article a new spoof-based attack on Internet Explorer.

From the article: " The problem lies in the way Microsoft has implemented a JavaScript component in its Web browser, security researcher Amit Klein wrote in a research document. Internet Explorer does not validate some data fields provided by a PC when the component, called XmlHttpRequest, is used, he wrote. The vulnerability could be exploited with specially crafted code. An attacker could spoof a legitimate Web site, access data from the Web browser's cache or stage a so-called man-in-the-middle attack, which taps into traffic between a user and another Web site, according to Klein's write-up. "
Secunia has an alert up on the spoof.

via, Slashdot

Microsoft confirms next XP service pack

Microsoft has revealed plans to release a third service pack for its Windows XP operating system.

"There will be a Service Pack 3 for Windows XP," Bernard Ourghanlian, technical and security director at Microsoft France, confirmed, revealing that Microsoft's OS is set for another major update.

Another one already!! Windows XP’s service pack 2, which came out last September deeply, modified the operating system by updating its security.


Can you solve this?

Google Gmail Just Launched!

Do not fear Gmail is hear, has your browser crashed or crashes a lot, there’s a good chance Google saved your work. Good thing there’s auto-save. It saves, automatically.

You can also export your Gmail Contacts and save them in a file for back-up or to use in another account or service, good if you are using Google's POP service.

Google Auto-save

VW iFox with iPod Nano

The iFox is a special edition VW Fox that features a Blaupunkt Calgary MP3 radio, an iPod adapter and a 2GB iPod nano. Plus, the phrase "iPod Inside" appears on the back of the car itself.

Only 500 of these will roll out of the factory, so make your way to the dealer soon.

via Engadget

Apple confirms that some Mac minis may not have the desired specs

Apple officially confirmed with eWeek today that some currently shipping Mac minis may indeed contain a 1.5GHz processor, despite their boxes listing a 1.42GHz as living inside the Macs.

"TUAW reader Dave got one of these "Mac surprises" on Tuesday, lucky him."

So it looks like opening a Mac mini will be a bit like Christmas morning, at least until the remaining 1.42GHz minis are all gone.

Best of luck everyone, if you haven’t looked into an Apple mini, let’s start shopping!!

via tuaw


Jeteye provides an innovative shared search platform that allows users to create, save, search, tag and share collections of web links, notes, images in what's called jetpaks. It’s built on Google, it also has the ability to search various search engines, well that’s another aspect of Jeteye that makes it cool.

It also has received a lot of cool reviews; check those out here

Try it.

via, Micro Persuasion

Aids virus 'could be weakening'

The virus which causes Aids may be getting less powerful, according to researchers.
A team at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, in Antwerp, compared HIV-1 samples from 1986-89 and 2002-03.

They found the newer samples appeared not to multiply as well.
They were more sensitive to drugs - some other studies argue they are becoming more resistant.

As per the article –

Researcher Dr Eric Artz said: "This was a very preliminary study, but we did find a pretty striking observation in that the viruses from the 2000s are much weaker than the viruses from the eighties.

"Obviously this virus is still causing death, although it may be causing death at a slower rate of progression now. Maybe in another 50 to 60 years we might see this virus not causing death."

More on this here

Emmy for Sony PlayStation 3D work

Sony's PlayStation console has won an Emmy from the US National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS).

The console was honoured with the Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Advanced New Media award for its early work on 3D polygon-based gaming.

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Retired men 'will live until 90'

The life expectancy of men who are 65 may rise by another three years during the next decade to nearly 90.

The possibility has been raised by the actuarial profession in its latest survey of mortality figures.

These confirm that there has been a big improvement in the death rates and life expectancy of 65 year olds during the last few years.

But the actuaries warn that it is uncertain whether this trend will continue in the coming years.

Read, via BBC News

How to Identify a Pickup Line

Pickup lines serve a purpose: They're a way to break the ice with someone you're interested in meeting. Learn how to distinguish a good one from a bad one.

1. Look at the person. Is he leering? Whatever he says will be a bad pickup line.

2. Watch out for anyone starting a conversation with sexual undertones. "Hey baby, if I were a couch would you sit on me?" is a bad approach.

3. Be aware, too, of overstatement. Some people like it, some don't: "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" "Levi's should pay you a royalty."

4. Don't pay any attention to someone who asks what your sign is. This person doesn't get it yet.

Read, ehow


GmailThis! is an easy way to make a Gmail email without visiting Once you add the GmailThis! link to your browser's toolbar, emailing will be a snap. Or rather, a click.

Clicking GmailThis! creates a mini-interface to Gmail prepopulated with a link to the web page you are visiting, as well as any text you have highlighted on that page. Add additional text if you wish and then email or save as draft from within GmailThis!


Domains Registered to Google Inc.

A fun, comprehensive list of all the domain names registered to Google Inc.

There is more, Click here, via digg

Listen to your Beta testers

Chris Pirillo: Better listen to your BETA testers.

I have to agree with your post, yeah we should move to Ladybug for all of our products.
Well as for BETA testers these are few that test the product to see if there are any bugs in the product.
It seems from his post that there are a couple of bugs, “I installed IE7, but promptly performed a system restore because the Microsoft Connect web site is an embarrassment. It made it virtually impossible to submit feedback and I refuse to run IE7 (which is hideous) without providing feedback. Not only is a poor rehash of the MSDN Product Feedback Center”.

Skiing in sunny San Francisco

No, there isn’t anything wrong with the title “Skiing in sunny San Francisco”, if you are someone who is an avid skier, you can find places to ski in San Francisco.

See for yourself

Yahoo!’s Hot Zone

Yahoo! has launched a new site:
Hot Zone featuring the first news correspondent of its own: Kevin Sites. Sites will transmit news from around the world - mostly from areas underreported by the mainstream press - using various forms of media to Hot Zone readers.
The site comes with photo articles, audio, and video related content. User’s who have a Yahoo ID, have the ability to post comments to specific content.

Finding the perfect place

Have you ever wanted to own the place of your dreams, the property you have always dreamt of living in?

I have something for you –

Using the measure feature in Google Earth, you can take a little bit of the guesswork out of finding the perfect accommodations.

Just follow these three simple steps:

1) Fly to your area of interest in Google Earth (if you don't have it, get it here).
2) Click the Email button on the nav panel in the lower right, and send the property owner a JPG screenshot of the area. Ask him or her to identify which place is theirs.
3) Select Measure from the Tools menu and choose to see the distance in feet, yards, miles (or even smoots, if you insist).

Click here, via Google

The $100 laptop getting closer to becoming a reality

Wow, wouldn’t that be great, a $100 laptop. Laptops would soon be affordable especially for children, no adults this is not for you. Nicholas Negroponte, the co-founder of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is developing a $100 windup-powered laptop targeted for children’s in developing nations.

As published in a recent article –

“Negroponte, who laid out his original proposal at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January, said MIT and his nonprofit group, called One Laptop Per Child, is in discussions with five countries--Brazil, China, Thailand, Egypt and South Africa--to distribute up to 15 million test systems to children.”

“In addition, Massachusetts is working with MIT on a plan to distribute the laptops to schoolchildren, Negroponte said.”

Great way of providing an affordable means of learning technology to children’s in poor countries.

Read, via CNET

Gates, Ballmer top $1 million in pay

It comes to me as a surprise that Gates and Ballmer each received a $600,000 salary and $400,000 in bonus pay. Sounds kinda less for the person who brought Microsoft to where it is right now. I know they do own a major part of the stock holdings at Microsoft, but hey common they still play a vital role in the development of Microsoft, more over Bill Gates is the founder.

Jeff Raikes, who heads the unit that includes Microsoft Office, received $1.15 million in salary and bonus in fiscal 2005, while former sales chief Kevin Johnson received $1.05 million in salary and bonus.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Apple II Portable for the PSP

Apple II Portable has been released as an emulator for the PSP. Apple II Portable is a homebrew application which will emulate the Apple II on your PSP.

Some of the cool features include -

*imported YAE 0.6 sources
*16:9, 4:3 ratio displays & overscanned displays
*disk swapping

Currently, this emulator will only run on PSPs with firmware version 1.50.

If you have a higher firmware version than 1.50 on your PSP, you cannot run this emulator. To downgrade the firmware from a version higher than 1.50, please visit here.


Nikon Camera History

Nikon Camera history from the very 1st camera made in 1948 to the current camera in 2005. This link displays all Nikon models that were manufactured.

Have Fun!!

Live Wire

Click on the Image

Apple offers Mac Mini 'grab bag'

Consumers who buy a Mac Mini this week may or may not end up with a machine that's faster than the desktop Apple Computer was selling in prior weeks.

"Some Mac Mini systems may contain components that slightly exceed the published specifications," Apple said in a statement. "There are no changes to the published specifications or part numbers."

Read, via ZDNet

Yahoo domains are now even cheaper!

Wow, now thats cheap! Who else can afford to do this besides Yahoo?


BBC News to launch new reader comment system

BBC News is set to launch a new reader comments system on Oct. 10 that, for the first time, will enable readers to post comments to the site before an editor has looked at them.

The new system will rely mostly on "reactive moderation," asking readers to report inappropriate content and material that breaches house rules, according to Readers will also be able to rate postings and other users can browse comments either in chronological order or by those ratings.

"The BBC has a dirty little secret: the vast majority of comments are never even looked at," project manager Daniel Mermelstein said. "It's a bad user experience. It's arbitary, unpredictable and users get frustrated because their comments aren't being published."

Link, via

Deep Impact

As the title says "Deep Impact"

Ultimate Gaming Mod

Xbox, PS2, Gamecube All-in-One
Okay, so about a year ago a friend of mine showed me some of the great work he was doing as far as modding game machines go. No, I am not talking about stealing software, but rather just really cool ways to take the gaming technology we love and do some cool things with it.



FireTune 1.0.7 For Firefox Released

FireTune for Mozilla Firefox v1.x was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. It is based on a collection of popular and well working optimization settings used and tested by the experts.

What does FireTune do?

According to your specific computer speed and internet connection speed, FireTune will optimize several internal settings of Firefox for better performance.


How Many Pages in Google? Take a Guess

Searching 8,168,684,336 Web pages.

Link, via The NY Time

The new $10 bill

A redesigned $10 bill with new background colors meant to thwart counterfeiters was unveiled Wednesday at a ceremony on Ellis Island in New York Harbor.

The new $10 bill follows the introduction of new $20 and $50 bills in each of the last two years.

New $10 bill

Effects of "Economy Class Syndrome."

Googlers aren't the only ones to spend time on planes – many people suffer the effects of "Economy Class Syndrome." Here are some tips even for flying veterans – or for that matter, those taking long road, train or bus trips, as similar advice applies.

Economy Class syndrome causes blood clots that develop in the legs (deep venous thrombosis, DVT) as a result of prolonged air travel. "Prolonged" can mean a 2-hour flight – and after 2 hours, the risk increases hourly, even if you change flights. If the clot breaks off and goes to the lungs (pulmonary embolus, PE) it can cause death.

Symptoms may include:

*Sudden swelling in one leg (a little swelling in both legs is usually normal)
*Cramp or tenderness in one lower leg
*Bruise or swelling behind a knee

Chest symptoms may include:

*Shortness of breath, rapid breathing, panting
*Cramp in your side, painful breathing
*Chest pain, sometimes shoulder pain

If you're thinking this doesn't happen to healthy road warriors, you'd be wrong.

Read, via Google Blog

Driverless Buses Headed to London, May Miss It

Some things are a disaster waiting to happen. Having a motor vehicle without a driver is one of them. Dubbed Personalised Public Transport or “PPT”, people could have a bus roll up to their house that uses magnetic markers in the roads as a pathway, and an obstacle and traffic detection system. Word is the buses will only do 25mph tops, but may go up to 45mph on certain routes. Sounds kind of scary but fun, like eating grubs.


Esquire wikis article on Wikipedia

When Esquire magazine writer A.J. Jacobs decided to do an article about the freely distributable and freely editable online encyclopedia Wikipedia, he took an innovative approach: He posted a crummy, error-laden draft of the story to the site.

Wikipedia lets anyone create a new article for the encyclopedia or edit an existing entry. All that's required is for a user to register. As a result, since it was started in 2001, Wikipedia has grown to include nearly 749,000 articles in English alone--countless numbers of which have been edited by multiple members of the community.

More here, via

Google Copernicus Center is hiring

Google is interviewing candidates for engineering positions at our lunar hosting and research center, opening late in the spring of 2007.

This unique opportunity is available only to highly-qualified individuals who are willing to relocate for an extended period of time, are in top physical condition and are capable of surviving with limited access to such modern conveniences as soy low-fat lattes, The Sopranos and a steady supply of oxygen.


Visions of Science

Cool Science pictures


Gmail This!

GmailThis! is an easy way to make a Gmail email without visiting Once you add the GmailThis! link to your browser's toolbar, emailing will be a snap.

Link, via Micro Persuasion

Skype 1.4

Internet telephony application Skype version 1.4 is out of beta and ready for download, with new features that make it easier to make internet phonecalls easily on the cheap.

The new version includes support for call-forwarding from one Skype account to another for free and from Skype to up to three landlines or mobile phone numbers for as little as 2 cents a minute.

Skype for Windows 1.4

Use Mighty Mouse driver to customise other mice

I use a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse (MX700) connected to a Belkin KVM switch to control both a WinXP Pro Dell I8000 laptop and an Apple PowerBook 17 1.67 GHz.

Since the Logitech driver for the Mac requires the mouse to be directly connected, it does not function to customize the buttons for me, and the mouse acts as a generic two-button mouse with scroll -- that is, the express up/down buttons, the app switch button, and the side, back, and forward buttons are not recognized.


Watch shows through Google TV

GOOGLE is to begin broadcasting television programmes over the internet. The search engine has already signed up an American channel to provide programmes for Google TV and is in talks with the BBC to broadcast its shows as well.

Google TV

Bookmark the Earth!

Never forget the location of that awesome place again.

Better Image format is here!!

It sounds like a plot for a science fiction movie, but it's not. Computers now create programs that solve complex problems better than programs designed by people.
University of Texas at Austin researchers Uli Grasemann and Risto Miikkulainen, for example, recently reported that a computer-generated algorithm can digitally improve images of fingerprints better than the FBI's human-designed program currently can.

Read, via NSF

People didn't know what a "blog" is!!

Here's a lesson in technology that's really a lesson in culture: don't assume everyone knows what you're talking about, especially when you're talking about something new and jargony.

A British survey found that a lot of people didn't know what a "blog" or "RSS feed" are.

Read, via CNET

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Simulator Can Help Stroke Patients Drive Again

A high-fidelity simulator that allows people to practice driving on a computer-generated course can help stroke patients learn to drive again, researchers have found.

More here, via ScienceDaily

Gun Vending Machine

These vending machines were placed on university campuses and in shopping malls. Money placed in the slot went to the gun-free society.

Take a look, via The Jupiter Drawing Room

Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5 spotted!!!

Now these pictures look pretty good but there’s always the chance that they’re mockups or fake or whatever. Either way, some German dude is saying he’s got iTunes going on Windows Mobile 5.0. It sort of makes sense since I’m sure Apple would love to hop on that bandwagon as well. The interesting part is that the picture is of a T-Mobile phone and a T-Mobile/Apple deal has always been floating around somewhere.

"I managed to get my hands on Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0. After the Motorola ROKR Apple seems to get seriously into the mobile phone business. As my sources tell there will be a special data rate for T-Mobile bundled with devices that come with iTunes (maybe we'll see an official announcement soon)."

Take a look, via lockergnome

Google Page Rank, how it works

A page rank results from a "ballot" among all the other pages on the World Wide Web about how important a page is. A hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support. The PageRank of a page is defined recursively and depends on the number and PageRank metric of all pages that link to it ("incoming links").

In early 2005, Google implemented a new attribute, rel="nofollow", for the HTML link element, so that website builders and bloggers can make links that Google will not follow for the purposes of PageRank—they are links that no longer constitute a "vote" in the PageRank system. The nofollow attribute was added in an attempt to help combat comment spam.

There's more to read here, via Wikipedia

Add some life to your XP desktop

Sick of XP wallpaper? Ever wanted an animated desktop? Check out these atmospheric bad boys. Very cool, but not for old machines!

link, via digg

MIT - Busting Vegas

Ben Mezrich, author of "Bringing Down the House", and MIT Blackjack whiz Semyon Dukach will be on MIT campus to discuss their new book - "Busting Vegas". This MIT community exclusive event kicks off their national book tour, which includes radio and television appearances on programs such as "20/20".

In his latest book, Mezrich reveals Dukach's incredible adventures as the Darling of Vegas - a gambling wunderkind who ransacked the most famous casinos across the globe with his unheard of system.

Hey don't stop there is more, via MIT Club of Boston

Printer that makes objects

Nearly everyone is familiar with printers that print documents, but how about printers that actually make things? As this ScienCentral News report explains, such printers are here now.

At first glance, it looks like a desktop printer. Looking through the clear plastic case, one sees the print head moving back and forth. The screen on the computer monitoring the printer says "Printing: 82.5% complete." But, this is no ordinary printer. It's designed to accommodate a special kind of "ink" that could be anything from metal to organic materials. What comes out of the printer, is not a drawing or picture, it is a real object.

Link, via ScienCentralNews

Google to build campus at NASA

1 million-square-foot complex envisioned as heart of Valley

Google Inc. is expected to announce plans today to build a 1 million-square-foot campus at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, sources familiar with the plan said Tuesday.

The Internet giant, which has been looking for expansion space during the company's extraordinary growth spurt, plans to build offices, housing for workers, roads and infrastructure on a vacant section of the sprawling NASA facility in the heart of Silicon Valley.

More here, via

Ever Wonder What Files Were Required To Run A Program?

Dependency Walker is a utility which will analyze an executable and report the dependencies of that program. It is a support tool that enables you to examine a selected application or component to determine what other components are required for the application to start. The tool lists the dependencies in a tree format.

For every component selected, Dependency Walker lists the programming functions of each primary and secondary module. Typically, the system modules have .exe, .dll, .ocx, and .sys file name extensions. Dependency Walker can also help you identify problems related to missing or corrupt modules, circular dependency errors, and mismatched module types.

It's part of the WinXP Reskit:


Cell Phones Do Not Cause Tumors, Study Finds

Using a mobile phone for 10 years does not significantly increase the risk of developing a tumor, according to a new study from the U.K.'s Institute of Cancer Research.

Story at InfoWorld:


HP Special Edition notebook PCs

Optimized for performance and mobility, these special-edition notebook PCs feature a new processor from AMD, a unique design bearing the LIVESTRONG™ message, and Lance Armstrong's autograph as a tribute to his inspirational fight against cancer and to the 10 million people living with cancer.

For every special edition notebook PC purchased, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) will receive $50 to help support their mission through public health, advocacy, cancer research, and education.


10 Things to Do With Old PCs

If you've been using PCs for a while, you're bound to have an old one you don't use much, if at all. With 2-GHz computers available for well under $1,000, what good is an old 300-MHz Pentium II system? The answer depends on your willingness to experimen...

"I purchased a used Pentium II PC, installed a 10GB HD and the test was on. I successfully migrated to XP Home Edition from Win95 drivers and found that if you ran it with 128 RAM installed it proved"

Read, via PC Mag

Gotta Get a (Expensive) Dell

Clearly, Dell is growing up. Not just about the cheap stuff anymore, the TX-based company is now launching its new high-end PC and notebook line under the XPS brand. In the past, XPS has mainly been all about Dell’s gaming products, but now its desktops will start at $1100 and notebooks at $2700. Along with a more expensive computer, you’ll also get added specialized support and shorter hold periods when you phone.

via Gizmodo

Digg’s spell checker needs an update

Despite thousands of stories on about Google, Digg’s spell checker highlights “Google” as a misspelled word. Although other systems may also not recognize Google, it is somewhat ironic to see this on a system that prides itself on being cutting edge and providing up-to-the-minute techie news.

Read, via Eszter's Blog

More job cuts for Daimler Chrysler

German-American automaker DaimlerChrysler AG said Wednesday it will cut 8,500 jobs at its Mercedes Car Group in a bid to return the troubled brand to profitability.

The company said the cuts, which will take place in Germany, will come through voluntary termination agreements over the next 12 months and result in charges of 950 million euros ($1.11 billion).

DaimlerChrysler said the charges will be posted in the fourth quarter and aren't expected to hamper the company's outlook. The automaker had said previously that it expects to beat last's year operating profit of 5.8 billion euros.


George W Bush

A cool game to pass some time, especially when you are bored -

George W Bush

The Perfect Wiki?

JotSpot Live, a JotSpot company, launched "The Perfect Wiki". They’ve created an awesome wiki tool that solves at least two common wiki problems - the specialized markup language and multiple simultaneous. It also doesn’t require any server software. It’s a dead simple wiki application. With a few feature additions (like link and image support) it will be good enough for most people to use.

via TechCrunch

First 'Trusted' Linux Operating System

The National Security Administration has for years been calling for someone--anyone--to develop a secure, mainstream operating system that can address system access and other security concerns at the very heart of an IT infrastructure. Now a coalition of open-source technology providers plans to heed the government's call by using Linux as the platform for delivering a highly secure operating system to the masses.

Read, via Yahoo News

ID Chip Helps Morgue Track Katrina Victims

As body counts mounted and missing-person reports multiplied in the days after Hurricane Katrina, some morgue workers began using a new technology to keep track of unidentified remains.

Radio frequency identification chips — slender red cylinders about half an inch long — were implanted under the corpses' skin or placed inside body bags.

Read, via Yahoo News

Office 2003 Service Pack 2

Microsoft today announced the avilablity of a new Office 2003 service pack, which includes a few Outlook security enhancements. For example, incoming e-mail will now be checked for so-called "phishing" attacks. Also, "junk" mail is rendered in plain text, and URL links within the junk mail are disabled. Users with automatic updates enabled within their Windows operating system will receive the update soon. Users prefering to manually update their systems should visit Windows Update for more details.

iBeat Illuminating Headphones

Affordable, eye-catching glowing earbuds available in your choice of six colors, with sound quality equivalent to Apple’s iPod pack-ins. Cord can be set to glow all the time or respond to the beat of your music. Doesn’t impact iPod’s battery.

Six colors of iBeat are available: white, aqua blue, dark blue, green, orange, and pink. We’ve tested white and aqua blue versions, and they both work the same: a long cable runs from your ears to your iPod, glowing bright enough to be seen in daylight, and functioning in one of two modes. The first mode responds to the beat of your music, while the second stays on all the time.

Link, via digg

Cingular taps Real for mobile video

Cingular Wireless, the biggest U.S. mobile carrier, plans to use RealNetworks' streaming technology to deliver video to mobile phones.

More, via ZDNet

five desktop search apps

There's a hot new battle emerging between Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft over finding specific files on your hard drive, a.k.a. localized search. If you're like most people, you stuff your hard drive with more digital photos and ripped music files every day. Maybe you toss them willy-nilly into your My Documents folder in Windows, or--if you're really organized--you slip them into My Music or My Photos. If you're in business, you probably also pack away documents and correspondence that, if lost, could cost you time and money to recover.

But while it's handy to keep all of your files on your PC's hard drive, it's not quite so simple to find a specific one in the jumble. Before you know it, your PC has turned into a black hole where all-important information goes to die. That's why, right now, a handful of companies are fighting to build the holy grail of desktop search.

Read on, via ZDNet

iPod Nano and The Curse of Market Leader

If Bill Gates is letting out a cackle over the recent iPod Nano debacle, one can’t blame him. He has been on the receiving end of consumer ire for a decade now, many of whom (including myself) have experienced windows inspired rage many a few times. Apple is for the first time experiencing the ire of very angry customers. (Of course, there are others who have watched the love fest, and would like to sneak in a punch or two at Apple!)

Broken screens, scratches, and what not - this is a full scale PR disaster in the making. Steve Jobs and the gang have never enjoyed the market share, and the consumer glare like this ever before. The response from the company, even in its statements is less than adequate.

“This is a real but minor issue involving a vendor quality problem in a small number of units,” said Schiller. “In fact, this issue has affected less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the total iPod nano units that we’ve shipped. It is not a design issue.”

Read, via Om Malik

Smarten Your Start Menu

Make your start menu more powerful by adding numbered shortcuts.
Create a new shortcut, for example to MS Word. Rename it to “1 - Word” and drag it onto your start menu.
Now, when you want to start Word, push the Windows Key, then 1.
Add more frequently used applications as needed.

Link, via Lifehacker

“Trust, But Verify”

Trust, but verify: I think this is exactly what GeoTrust had in mind when they introduced their new TrustWatch Search today.

Powered by Ask Jeeves algorithmic search technology, the new service is designed to combat web-based fraud, identity theft and phishing scams. Users simply type queries into the search box at and view easily understood green, yellow and red verification symbols beside each search result that represent the web site's trustworthiness rating.

For example, users wanting to donate money for tsunami relief can type "Tsunami Relief Organizations" directly into the TrustWatch search box.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Couple went to wrong funeral

An elderly couple could not believe their eyes when they went to their 'dead' friend's wake - and he opened the door.

Pensioners Maurice and Shirley Dodwell thought they had just sat through the cremation of their pal Roy Spencer.

But when they arrived at his house for the wake they found he was alive - and they'd been to the funeral of another Roy Spencer.

Maurice, 76, who had spotted his chum's name in a death notice in a local paper, said: "It was a terrible fright. I thought I'd seen a ghost.

"I had to go and sit in the car for a while because I was so shocked."

He and wife Shirley, 70, had been determined to pay their last respects and took son Kevin, 40, to the crematorium service in Cheltenham, Gloucs.

When they heard fellow mourners mention a wake, they drove round to Roy's house.

Retired busman Roy, 62, said: "They turned up in black suits and ties - and were stunned when I answered the door.

"I may have had three heart attacks and a bypass but I was happy to assure them I was still alive and kicking."

Google messed up!!

"Google's official birthday is September 7, 1998," reads Google's cache, and, as of Sept. 25th, read Google's page too. Today, when they goofed and said their birthday was the 27th, not the 7th, they took out the date from their page. BUT GOOGLE CACHE TELLS ALL.

Can't believe Google messed up!!

Google's B'day, via digg

Coming Soon to a Tombstone Near You: Solar-Powered Video Panels

Video screens have shown up nearly everywhere in recent years -- cell phones, bathrooms and car head rests. But this next idea seems right out of the HBO hit "Six Feet Under": a solar-powered video panel embedded in a tombstone that plays something reminiscent of "This Is Your Life."

While some have suggested the idea is tasteless and may draw vandals to cemeteries, inventor Sergio Aguirre said his Serenity Panel will only help families celebrate the lives of loved ones.


FedEx Furniture [dot] Com

Here is a story about two guyz, Tom and Rob moved to Seattle. Tom, not having a job or a place to stay, eventually managed to get himself an apartment, but still had no furniture. Utilizing FedEx boxes, he built a simple desk for his PC. Several months later, I moved to Arizona for a new job, and had a similar problem, no furniture. Using FedEx boxes and packaging materials, I constructed a desk, bed, couch, dining table and chairs out of the boxes.


Firefox and IE vulnerability report

George Ou from ZDNet has a detailed analysis on both Firefox and IE, he color coded the results, and has created a table in which the Grey highlighting signifies the security loser of the month, and Red characters signify unpatched vulnerability.

Which Internet browser is better? Take a look for yourself.

Firefox vs IE

HOW TO - iPod nano hacking

The new iPod nano is out and while it's not as hackable (yet) as its older cousins, you can do a few things like change the text strings, mod the font and even change the graphics (sorta). Here's HOW TO mod a pod, a work in progress for the iPod nano....

Changing "strings" or text

Let's say you don't like what the text says on the iPod; maybe you'd like to rewrite the legal section for kicks, or put your name and address in your iPod. You can use a tool called "iPodWizard" for Windows PCs to change the strings on any iPod, including the nano. If you have a Mac, skip to the Changing graphic part of this article, it has the app you'll need to use.

Download and install iPodWizard from The source code for iPodWizard is available too.

Hey I am not going to tell you everything, read on

iPod Nano

Googles newly expanded web search index

A newly expanded web search index that is 1,000 times the size of the original index.

Come up with a search query that's special to you (your name, your elementary school, and your favorite animal, for example) - a combination of words that is likely to exist on just a few web pages out of the billions we've indexed, a few needles scattered in the Internet’s endless haystack. Ready? Let’s go.

I found 311,000,000 results for "Failure", of course the first link that comes up, is for President George W Bush.


Everybody likes Chris

Thats what the title should be, as there is a free download available via Google Video.

The episode first ran last Thursday on UPN, and it’s an entertaining look at Rock’s teenage experiences growing up in Brooklyn in the early 80’s.

Everybody won’t hate this, Google

Zip Code locater on Google Maps lets you view zip code ranges projected on a Google Map.

Zip Code, by Google

BitTorrent is going commercial

BitTorrent, the maker of popular file-sharing software used to distribute movies, music, and games both legally and illegally, is going commercial. The company has raised $8.75 million in venture capital from Menlo Park (Calif.)-based Doll Capital Management and plans to create a marketplace for dispensing digital goods.


Woman, 71, pulls car with teeth

A 71-year-old woman has pulled a car for 65ft - with her teeth - in China.

Wang Xiaobei performed the stunt with a car weighing more than a tonne in Jinan, Shandong province, where she lives.

She attached one end of a heavy rope to the car and wrapped a handkerchief around the other end before biting on the rope.

Mrs Wang said she had been practising feats of strength with her teeth for more than 30 years.

She has previously managed to carry a 25 kilo bucket of water with her mouth, and also a bicycle.

Xbox 360 Production Video

Now this is pretty cool. A video of the assembly line production of the Xbox 360, that's right, there are people working hard at this very moment putting together your pre-ordered Xbox 360. The video shows a bunch of chinese guys and gals dressed in white wearing silk gloves testing and manufacturing the 360. In some strange way the video is almost a bit creepy…


If Parks Offer Free Internet, Why Can't Costly Hotels?

Travelers are fed up of paying high prices to access broadband internet @ hotels. Yes, they should be, that should be one of the perks of staying in a hotel, is to get free broadband. One still has to pay for that, I don’t think so!!

I'M no cheapskate, but I watch costs carefully even when I'm traveling on the company dime. And I'm here to tell you, I am getting fed up with being charged $9.95 or more in an expensive hotel for broadband Internet service. Lots of business travelers tell me they feel the same.

“Recently, my wife and I stayed at the Loews Hotel in Annapolis, Md., while spending a weekend visiting a favorite nephew who's in his senior year at the Naval Academy. There was nothing especially wrong with the place, mind you, but it was just a run-of-the-mill four-star hotel that struck me as pretty overpriced at $310.60 a night - plus that annoying extra $9.95 charged each day for the high-speed Internet hookup.”


Company wants Mars colony

All companies set goals, but newly formed 4Frontiers Corp. is eyeing some expansive horizons. The company's mission: to open a small human settlement on Mars within 20 years or so.


Google's Founders didn't know HTML!

The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn't know HTML and just wanted a quick interface.

Must Read, via digg

PubSub Launches List of Top 1000 Sites with Feeds

PuSub - PubSub is a matching service that instantly notifies you when new content is created that matches your subscription. Using a proprietary Matching Engine, PubSub is able to read millions of data sources on your behalf and notify you instantly whenever a match is made.

PubSub, via S Rubel

Smile, You're on Photobucket

A year ago, relatively few people had heard of While the upstart Web site is still far from a household name, it has emerged as the most popular online photo destination in recent months, drawing more visitors than established sites from companies like Eastman Kodak Co. and Yahoo Inc. Inc., started by a photo buff who wanted a better way to share images with his friends, has seen traffic surge tenfold in the past year. In August, it had 12.2 million unique visitors, compared with 9.6 million at Yahoo Photos and 5.9 million at Kodak EasyShare Gallery, according to research firm Nielsen/NetRatings.

More here, via

New Treo

The video of the Palm/Verizon/Microsoft announcement, Treo looks pretty cool!!

Check it out, Palm Treo

New York Times posts podcasts

As part of a new feature in The New York Times Magazine called The Funny Pages, has posted a three-part podcast - MP3 audio files available for download. The podcasts include conversations with three Funny Pages authors:

Podcasts (mp3 format):
Podcast Part One, featuring Chris Ware
Podcast Part Two, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert
Podcast Part Three, featuring Elmore Leonard


Monday, September 26, 2005

Right Angle Sidewalk Chalk Art

Pictures that look as if they have come to life, amazing!!!

there are more pics to see here

Why is it that-

On the East Coast, it is a “tag sale”, in the Midwest, it is a “Garage Sale”, and on the West Coast, it is a “Yard Sale”? How come in the west, it is a “Freeway”, in east, it is a “Highway”, and in the Midwest, it is an “Expressway”? In California, they go to the beach. In Jersey the head for the shore. In Ohio, they order a “Pop”. In Atlanta, they order a “Soda”. In San Diego, they order a “Coke”. On one side, they go to the movies. On the other, they go see a show. In places, it is pronounced “Oregun” and in others, it is “Oregan” when it is really Oregon. Some have a “Car Phone”, while other may have a “Mobile Phone”, and most have a “Cell Phone”.

A question asked by a blogger, which does make me wonder why is it like that!!!


Amazing photos of the hurricane in Mississippi

Photographs show Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast in August 2005.

Hurricane Katrina coming in.... Amazing photos of the hurricane in Mississippi

more photos here

Prison visitor locked up

A 16-year-old girl who visited her boyfriend in prison in Austria ended up in jail overnight after guards forgot about her.

The teenager, from Graz, only expected to be allowed an hour visit with her 20-year-old boyfriend, who is serving a two year sentence for drugs offences at the Judenburg prison.
But she ended up spending the night with him inside the visitor's room.

She said: "I noticed after about an hour-and-a-half that nobody had knocked to say our time was up, and thought we had just got lucky.

"After two hours I realised I needed to get home and rang the bell for them to let me out, but nobody came. I couldn't even call my mum to tell her where I was because they made me hand my mobile in."

The pair were found at 7.30am the next morning by cleaning staff.

A spokesman for the Justice Ministry in Vienna said they would investigate the incident.


Digital picture you can zoom in

Awesome digital pics you ca zooom in on!!

Zoom Zoom Zoom

360 degrees from Paris

Some really cool 360 dimensional images straight from Paris.

Click here, here, and here to view some 360 images.

Motorola CEO: 'Screw the nano'

Apple Computer's newest MP3 player, the iPod nano, is receiving rave reviews and analy sts believe the device will solidify Apple's dominance in the competitive MP3 player market for at least another year. However, not everyone praises the device -- Motorola CEO Ed Zander had some harsh words for the nano in a recent interview.

Read more on this here..

Web advertising up 26 pct in 2nd qtr

U.S. Internet advertising revenue grew 26 percent to $3 billion in the second quarter, driven by paid search listings and more sophisticated video and audio ads known as rich media, according to a study released on Monday.

The data provided by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers bolsters expectations that advertisers are spending more on the Internet as consumers devote more time to the Web and away from other media.

Online ad revenue in the first half of the year also rose 26 percent, to $5.8 billion, from a year earlier.

Link, via Yahoo News

The World's smallest vacuum tube stereo power amplifier.

The iMP is a power amp intended for studio use, or with small sound sources such as iPods, mini-disc/cd players and laptops to power passive monitors. Perfect for your office or recording can put the iMP AMP right on your desk with bookshelf speakers and have a mini tube hi-fi setup for your iPod! Comes with AC Power Adaptor.

Take a look

The Messenger Spacecraft flies by Planet Earth.

The Mercury-bound MESSENGER spacecraft captured several stunning images of Earth during a gravity assist swingby of its home planet on Aug. 2, 2005. Several hundred images, taken with the wide-angle camera in MESSENGER’s Mercury Dual Imaging System (MDIS), were sequenced into a movie documenting the view from MESSENGER as it departed Earth.

Earth rotation (4.90 MB) or Earth rotation with date and time (5.78 MB).


Watch TV anywhere in the world

You can watch your TV anywhere in the world now. And it works great with the digital recorder that you may have so you can watch all your recorded videos too!


Top Yahoo! sites

New York Times Technology section offers a look at comScore Media Metrix data regarding Yahoo! traffic that's originated in the US. In August 2005, Yahoo! Mail received 67.1 mln unique visitors from the US, Yahoo! Search got 66 mln, Yahoo! Local received 30.1 mln, My Yahoo! got 29.9 mln, Yahoo! News got 27.2 mln, Geocities pages received 23.3 mln unique visitors, Yahoo! Insider window received 23.2 mln unique visitors, Yahoo! Games got 22.6 mln, Yahoo! Messenger - 22 mln, Yahoo! Music - 21.4 mln, Yahoo! Shopping - 13.3 mln, Yahoo! Movies - 12.9 mln.



Google's move to lease a huge space in Chelsea is part of the technology giant's plan to build its own fiber optic network and become a bigger player in the booming Internet telephone and wireless businesses.

The company is reportedly in talks to lease a whopping 270,000 square feet in the former Port Authority Commerce Building at 111 Eighth Ave. at W. 15th Street.

The massive building is one of New York's most important so-called telecom carrier hotels — home to thousands of Web servers and other critical technology infrastructure.

For subscribers

Google still popular among search engines

The 4 largest search engines on the web are:

1. Google 56.9%

2. Yahoo 21.2%

3. MSN Search 8.9%

4. AOL Search 3.2%

All numbers are an average of the last 2 months.

More on this here

Why do planes have to dump fuel for emergency landings?

Question: Why do planes have to dump fuel if they have to make an emergency landing or have to return back to the departure airport because of a technical snag?

Answer: Airplanes have to dump fuel because of landing weight requirements dictated by structural limitations of the aircraft or the length and condition of the runways. The difference between a takeoff weight and a landing weight can be as high as a hundred thousand pounds or more.

Dumping fuel can be costly, especially at today's prices, but the alternative can be just as expensive. Aircraft can and do land overweight in some abnormal circumstances. But when they do, significant, costly and time-consuming inspections might have to take place to ensure structural integrity.

Not all aircraft are capable of dumping fuel, such as the Airbus 319 and Airbus 320, which are smaller, domestic planes. If they are forced to land with more fuel than they should, the pilot will sometimes try to "dirty up the airplane" by dropping the gear and/or flaps, which burns fuel more quickly.

More on this

Landing at Lindbergh Field

The first of 2 minutes of the final 4 minutes of the approach to Lindbergh all the way to touchdown.Includes cockpit conversation in Spanish and the English transmissions to and from the tower.


Screencast: remove results from Google searches

Google’s experimenting with new functionality: a link to remove results from a site for all or specific searches.

Google-watcher Philipp Lennsen points out that removing spam from your search results after you find it could be too little too late, but it is interesting to see Google trying out new techniques in personalized search. Apparently not everyone sees the “Remove result” link, and if you do, you have to be logged in to get it.

While this may be a good way to get rid of spam in your search results (well, after you find it, which is a little to late), some searchers may also have an uneasy feeling about depriving their future search vision, so to speak. As for me, I like to see Google is experimenting with Personalized Search, but I always get the feeling “I want to see what everyone else sees.”

See Google’s Remove Results in action, via lifehacker

How much does it cost to build an Apple iPod Nano?

We're not precisely sure, but Business Week has an article about tech research firm iSupply and its Nano breakdown. Apparently, it costs $98.18 including labor to build a 2GB iPod Nano, which would give Apple about a 50% profit margin. Not bad, considering the would-be-fact that Apple will sell millions of these things.


Microsoft Windows Is Offically Broken

Windows is broken and Microsoft has admitted it. In an unprecedented attempt to explain its Longhorn problems and how it abandoned its traditional way of working, the normally secretive software giant has given unparalleled access to The Wall Street Journal, even revealing how Vice President Jim Allchin, personally broke the bad news to Bill Gates.

Link, via digg


Does Bank of America really suck when dealing with customers? Probably you will agree with me after reading the following online conversation that a blogger (Ponzi) had with a BOA account specialist.

Welcome to an online chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Bank of America Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. You are number 1 in a queue of 1. Thank you for your patience

You are now chatting with Jason. Welcome to Bank of America. How can I help you complete your online application today?

Jason: How can I help you complete your online credit card application today?
You: I have been sent a statement on acct that I don't recall opening.
You: 0 Balance with a 17.490% rate!
You: I would have never applied for a card with that rate
You: HmmmmYou: help me recall my application
You: Do you want the acct. #

More here, via Ponzi

Sunday, September 25, 2005

For fans of Half-Life 2

For fans of Half-Life 2 (the game), a new comic three times a week:This guy uses Half-Life 2 to make comics.

Half-Life 2 comic

Big croc found in N'Orleans

The fave hoax of the week. Big croc found in N'Orleans. Yeah right!!


Bill Gates - Coke Commercial (Coca-Cola)

Worst Use of Bill Gates in a TV Commercial In August, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates starred in a Coke commercial in which he wandered the halls of Microsoft late at night looking for someone to loan him change for the Coke machine. It was a cute idea with one fatal flaw: Microsoft provides its employees with all beverages free of charge.

Coca-Cola & Bill G

'Mousewives' drive the net revolution

Broadband is changing family lives for the better. A recent research report by UK-based Demos (conducted for AOL UK) says that the fastest growing demographic on the Internet are women. Between 2000 and 2005, the proportion of women online rose from 39% to 63% - a significantly quicker growth rate than for their male counterparts.

Jonathan Lambeth, communications director of AOL UK, says, “As it becomes a backdrop to home life, it is the female members of the household who are exploiting the enormous opportunities.”

More @ Scotsman on Sunday, via Om Malik

Galveston 1900: Tragedy of Modern Times

In 1900, a Category 4 hurricane struck Galveston, Texas, killing between 6,000 and 8,000 residents.

Here is a great multimedia package from The Dallas Morning News, which includes excerpts of news accounts of the storm originally published in the newspaper.

The package also includes four videos taken by Thomas Edison after the 1900 hurricane.


Cool uses of Google Maps

Created by Adrian Holovaty,'s lead devloper:
Entertainment locations listed on are shown on mini-Google Maps inserted on the site's pages
Chicago transit maps on Google Maps
Some of the cool features on this site:
- You can view crimes by type, location and a number of other criteria and see them plotted on a Google Map.
- Every city block in Chicago has a detail page with its latest crimes and links to crimes within 1, 2, 3, 5 or 8 blocks.
- RSS feeds for every block and police beat in the city.


Locking Down Services On XP Client Workstations

Locking down unnecessary services is an excellent way to prevent security holes in Windows client workstations. So says Windows security author Jonathan Hassell in his review of 88 different Windows XP services. He also gives the thumbs up or down on which should be enabled.
Over at SearchWindowsSecurity.

IDC Worldwide: PC Growth Strong in Q4

"We continue to see remarkable growth in the consumer segment and in emerging markets." -- Loren Loverde, director of IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. With a long-term growth outlook projected to be stable at 9 per cent, IDC's latest global PC tracker report says the consumer market segment in Europe, Canada, and the rest of the world is the biggest driver; IDC said the commercial PC segment is also strong worldwide.

Google Maps as Art

Google maps as Art.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Making a PC case out of.....

Making a PC case out of... case fans? Yup, some one did that!


College Football Lovers

Here is a must have book for all you College Football lovers -

From South Bend, Indiana, to Lincoln, Nebraska, Palo Alto, California, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Tallahassee, Florida, college football attracts the most dedicated fans in all of sports. This book is their Bible -- a rich and exhaustive reference guide to the game’s history, tradition, and lore.

Based on three years of research by the nation’s foremost college football experts, the book features:

-Capsule histories for each of the Division 1-A programs, the Ivy League schools, and the historically black colleges
-Year-by-year schedules and scores for each school
-Statistical leaders from each school
-Fight-song lyrics
-Box scores for every bowl game ever played
-Weekly AP and UPI polls dating back to 1936


Motorola RAZR 2 appears online

It’s still as svelte as it ever was, but the original Motorola RAZR V3 is getting a little long in the tooth, if you know what we mean.

Would this be a better phone compared to its elder brother, only time will tell.

Motorola RAZR 2

Redmond Adds 24/7 Support To Software Assurance

Of the benefits recently added to Microsoft's beleaguered licensing maintenance program, the one most likely to appeal to most enterprises is around-the-clock problem resolution support. Microsoft added the 24/7 phone support for critical outages for all products last week, as well as a handful of other benefits in its regular efforts to make Software Assurance palatable to the broadest range of customers.

"This is the most significant of the additions because it's for unlimited Web support for all Microsoft server products," said Alvin Park, an analyst at Gartner Inc., a Stamford, Conn., consulting firm. "I think this will be what generates people to look at SA more than any of the other benefits."

More about this at search win2000


Firefox: Honeymoon Over?

I still think you are waaay safer using Firefox over IE, but now, according to security expert George Ou, Firefox has more security vulnerabilities per month than IE. You need to read the whole article to understand what he is talking about and how he comes to his quite interesting conclusion:

Click here to read the rest

Blogs have gone mainstream

Blogs have gone mainstream. Next is VLOGS: the video version ofthe blog. is a aggregator of video blogs. There areabout 1,000 VLOGS and it's growing fast. Warning though, some ofthese clips are -not- appropriate for an office environment!

GM now podcasting

Bob Lutz of GM is now podcasting. What a great way for a company to get the word out to its best customers and influentials.

via: Scoble

How To Educate Employees About Spyware

1. We all know the threats posed by spyware to enterprise networks: user ID and password theft, financial loss, productivity drain, intellectual property theft.
2. Security practitioners have two defenses at their disposal: the human and the technical. While the technology for combating spyware is improving, antivirus vendors have only recently started adding functionality to target it.
3. That means the best defense is the human one - employees and end users. They can help in the battle against spyware through security awareness training and information security policies.

The full article is here

It's a coders' world - we just live in it

Last year when 7,500 software coders from all over competed for top prizes in our annual Google Code Jam. Little did Google know what "big" was until this year's competition, which concluded today. Not 7,500, not 10,000, but 14,500 programmers hailing from Belarus and China, Venezuela and Sweden, Macedonia and Spain - among plenty of other places, 32 countries in all - limbered up and got coding in the multi-round programming competition.

The field narrowed over successive rounds since August 22, and today we hosted 100 finalists in a final showdown at the Googleplex for more than $150,000 in prizes.

Now that the dust has cleared, our second and third place winners, each of whom receives $5000, are Erik-Jan Krijgsman of the Netherlands, and Petr Mitrichev from Russia. And the grand prize of $10,000 goes to Marek Cygan from Poland, who is a student at Warsaw University.

Congratulations to the winners. Pretty cool stuff!!


Bit Torrent raises $8.75 million

According to regulatory filing dated September 12, has raised $8.75 million in a Series A funding round led by DCM-Doll Capital Management.

more details here via Silicon Beat.

N'Orleans devastation slide show

This is an impressive powerpoint slide show (with an appropriate soundtrack about the recent devastation in N'Orleans. The real deal.

Slide Show

Creating a Good Blog Archive

Some points to consider for Creating a Good Blog Archive.

1. Making screenshots
2. Not hot-linking to images
3. Not hosting elsewhere
4. Clean code
5. Choosing a top level domain, and sticking with it
6. Explain more than necessary
7. Prominently writing the date on the page
8. Separating content from layout
9. Putting the right amount on a page
10. Using your own blog software

These are just some points, there are a lot more.


Outlook Express Will Be Called Windows Mail

As part of Channel9's journey around Windows Vista teams, they wondered what was being done to Outlook Express. Well, for Windows Vista it's been renamed to Windows Mail. And that's not all.
Video length: 00:46:54.


Microsoft Acquires Alacris

For companies that make public key encryption and smart cards part of their security strategy, Microsoft's acquisition of Alacris Inc., and the subsequent integration of this technology into Windows, could potentially cut time and expenses out of otherwise costly projects.

Microsoft acquired the identity and certificate management software vendor earlier this week for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition choice of Ottawa, Canada-based Alacris is logical given that Alacris' software is already tailored to work with Windows, experts said.

Read the whole story here

The Ten Commandments Of A Sysadmin

As system and network administrators, we play many roles. We are the ones who provide stable and secure environments for electronic business in all of its forms, from email to accounting systems to mission-critical Web applications.

However, despite our best efforts, disaster will occasionally strike. In this series, I'll present what I feel are the 10 most important steps a systems administrator can take to ensure that when that dreaded 3a.m. page hits, you're prepared to react quickly, assess the situation, and make everything right again. I call these the Ten Commandments of system administration.

Here goes:

1) Thou shalt make regular and complete backups
2) Thou shalt establish absolute trust in thy servers
3) Thou shalt be the first to know when something goes down
4) Thou shalt keep server logs on everything
5) Thou shalt document complete and effective policies and procedures
6) Thou shalt know what cable goes where
7) Thou shalt use encryption for insecure services
8) Thou shalt not lose system logs when a server dies
9) Thou shalt know the openings into your servers
10) Thou shalt not waste time doing repetitive and mundane tasks


WSJ's free storm tracker

The Wall Street Journal Online, which charges for access, has revived its excellent free Storm Tracker blog, which tracked Hurricane Katrina, to cover Hurricane Rita.

This is an excellent example of using a blog-like format to cover a developing breaking news story -- and also a good example of how a subscription site can use free features to attract traffic and drive subscriptions.


Top Ten Reasons to Switch to Firefox

Firefox is that great Web browser that everyone’s talking about. If you’re not using it yet, you should be.

In this exclusive feature, you’ll discover the top 10 reasons why you should consider using Firefox as your primary browser. It’s a great program. Here’s why.

It’s Free - Completely, utterly free. You don’t have to pay a penny to download it.
It runs on everything - Windows? Yes. Macs? Yes. Linux? Yes. You’ve got a recent computer? Firefox will almost certainly run on it.
It’s small - It takes up very little disk space, so it’s a quick, simple download.
It's expandable - You can add almost any functionality you want via plug-ins. There’s a huge community of Firefox developers out there offering nifty software extensions that you just plug into your browser.
It’s secure. Firefox doesn’t run ActiveX components or VB script. This makes it far less vulnerable to malicious hacking than Explorer.
Switching is easy. Firefox is smart enough to help you transfer your existing bookmarks, cookies and other settings from your current browser when you install.
It’s skinnable. Firefox’s look and feel is completely customizable. Use the Themes Manager to download and manage any of hundreds of skins.
Google is built-in. You don’t have to waste your homepage on Google, when you can search directly from the Firefox control bar.
It’s well respected. Firefox has been named PC World’s Product of the Year, Softpedia’s User’s Choice, Forbes’ Best of the Web, SC Magazine’s “Editor in Chief” award, CNET Editor’s Choice, Laptop Magazine Editor’s Choice.
It’s got tabs. If you’ve ever dealt with a gadzillion open Explorer windows at once, you’ll know what I mean when I say that organizing your Web tasks and windows is a critical path for getting work done. Firefox’s tabbed interface allows you to collapse all those windows onto a single screen and move quickly (and easily) back and forth between your different Web site “worlds”.

If you are still using IE, it's time to switch, and discover firefox on your own.


Worlds tiniest MP3 players

Small Is Beautiful

These itsy bitsy MP3 players enter the pack in the bantamweight division.

The mobiBLU is the world's smallest MP3 player, and the MuVo players can typically play and record FM radio for a little extra flexibility.

Pick the size that works for you, from 128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB drives.
These nimble little players offer big sound for their size at prices that won't tax your entertainment budget.


Fake Anti-Spyware Programs

Here is a list of the fake anti-spyware programs, be careful while downloading them, as they do show flawed results, and are spyware themselves.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

University of Michigan gets custom iTunes Music Store

On Monday, the University of Michigan dental school announced a partnership with Apple to deliver podcasts of lectures to students. Students can access a custom iTunes music store using their university ID and password and subscribe to the classes that they want to.

Go Wolverines!!