Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ann Arbor - Funnnn!!!!

Yes the time we spent in Ann Arbor was a lot of fun, downtown was definitely very very lively. It was time well spent.

Go Blue:)

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Fun new meme on Flickr named “doyourworst”, well all of us make faces while doing something or the other; it might be while playing sports, cooking, eating or just want to get their inner child out. Well here is your chance, make faces and post them on and show it off to the rest of the world.

Funny and interesting concept.

Outrageous Hair Styles

It’s said that hair is the mark of a man, and a woman can go to any length just to have a perfect hair style. Apparently the people on this list did not think that way. I don’t know what these people where thinking, something outrageous I would assume!!!
Take a look at this for yourself – Hair style of the rich and famous.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ugliest Players in NBA History

There have been some very ugly players in the NBA, and here they are ranked. This isn't new, but it's worth a look.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Create a hacked web-site!!

Ha!! How to create a fake web site it might sound strange but yes it is possible. This site gives you step by step procedure on how to create a custom spoof web site.

Take a look

Monday, July 25, 2005

Once in a lifetime Experience

Going to Bill Gates house, is every persons dream come true. Not only going to his house but meeting Bill Gates in person is a once in a lifetime experience.

Not many people have the opportunity of meeting the Man himself, but this fortunate Intern, who was invited for a barbeque at Bill Gate’s house, was fortunate enough to meet the legend himself “Bill Gates”.

The name of the Intern is Sakun, who explains the whole experience in her words –

What comes to mind when the name Bill Gates is uttered? Many things to different people but to me, Bill Gates is synonymous to the "personal computer revolution" that changed billions of people's lives around the world. He can influence the flow of global ideas and capital and the creation of new forms of culture. It’s a fact that he is the world's biggest philanthropist, devoting $27 billion to good deeds. With a net worth of $46.5 billion, Bill Gates is also the richest man in the world, he has been #1 on the Forbes World's Richest People, since 2001. And of course, he is the chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation.

Apart from this entire mind blowing fact about Bill Gates, to hundreds of interns in Microsoft this summer, one thing we knew since we stepped onto the Microsoft campus was that we were going to Bill Gates house. It’s the BillG Party!!! When was it? How will we get there? How long will we be able to stay at BillG’s place? What will BillG say? Most importantly….what does his house look like?

All these questions were answered yesterday evening. We made it to BillG’s Party! It was AMAZING. BillG was amazing, his house was amazing (the estate frame was mainly timber and the interior decor was breathtaking. There is one word to describe it....perfection) and everything else that night was entrancing.

Let me take you on a thrilling journey with me…..

All the interns were taken by several buses to a location where we went through security clearance. Then we were taken in smaller shuttle buses to BillG’s house. It made sense to us when we got there because the driveway to his house would not have been able to accommodate an express bus. It was winding and narrow. It was surrounded by beautifully landscaped lush greenery all round. As the bus took a turn we could now see Lake Washington on the background making this absolutely picture perfect scenery.

When we got to the main entrance, we were greeted by the staff and presented with our name badges. Then we made our way down a grand staircase which was about 3 stories high which led to the open lawn. With the overall scale and balance, trimming and pruning, flowers and neatness, it was lawn perfection. The HR Trax interns and I sat by the stairs on the personal side of the home which was also close to the boathouse ready to enjoy our meal when suddenly a figure walked down the stairs…it was the man himself…BillG.

Most of the interns that noticed what was happening stopped eating and no one could help but to stare. I walked up to him and introduced myself and spoke about the HR Trax program. A crowd soon gathered around and BillG talked about Microsoft, the competition we were facing, the software industry, the future of the industry and in his every comment the passion he had for the Microsoft and technology was crystal clear. I sat there as time stood still listening to BillG answering to the other interns questions. There was no better way to respond. His ability to articulate a coherent vision for the future and sustaining a focused and sound discussion was inspiring.

BillG then made a formal address to everyone that was at the party and the coordinators of the party introduced the Microsoft VPs that were attending the party as well. The hours went by so quickly but we managed to see the boathouse, the pool, walk past the cinema and took a ride on the elevator. Before we knew it, the announcements were made that the shuttles were ready to start making their rounds to take the interns back. One of the most anticipated events in this internship program came to an end. I have to admit that it was one of the most enjoyable and memorable days that I have ever had. I am glad that I was able to take you with me on this once in a lifetime journey.

If you want to take a tour guide inside BillG’s estate…click here

My favorite CNN Anchor

Yes, Soledad O Brian is my favorite CNN Anchor. Why, you may ask? Not only for her good looks, but also for the way she reports on important happenings taking place across the globe. She is known for her awesome personality, and is liked by millions of people across the world.

Bio -

Soledad O'Brien anchors American Morning with Miles O'Brien. Based in New York, O'Brien began anchoring CNN's flagship morning program in July 2003 when she joined the network. Since that time, O'Brien has attracted new viewers to the show as well as securing exclusive interviews.

In December 2004, O'Brien was among a handful of CNN anchors sent to Puhket, Thailand, to cover the disaster and aftermath of the tsunami that took more than 155,000 lives in that region. She reported from Columbus, Ohio, on the late count of Ohio's contested electoral votes in November 2004. Earlier that fall, she anchored the live coverage of the burial of Yasser Arafat. In the fall of 2003, O'Brien was the only broadcast journalist permitted to travel with first lady Laura Bush on her trip to Moscow.

O'Brien came to CNN from NBC News where she had anchored the network's Weekend Today since July 1999. During that time, she contributed reports for the weekday Today Show and weekend editions of NBC Nightly News and covered such notable stories as John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane crash and the school shootings in Colorado and Oregon. In 2003, she covered the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and later anchored NBC's weekend coverage of the war in Iraq. Additionally, in 1998, she traveled to Cuba to cover Pope John Paul II's historic visit.

Before Weekend Today, O'Brien anchored MSNBC's award-winning technology program The Site and the cable network's weekend morning show. O'Brien joined NBC News in 1991 and was based in New York as a field producer for the Nightly News and Today.

Before her time at NBC, she served three years as a local reporter and bureau chief for the NBC affiliate KRON in San Francisco. She began her career as an associate producer and news writer at the then-NBC affiliate, WBZ-TV in Boston.

O'Brien's work has been honored several times, including a local Emmy for her work as a co-host on Discovery Channel's The Know Zone. She has been named to PEOPLE magazine's "50 Most Beautiful" in 2001 and PEOPLE en Espanol?s 50 most beautiful in 2004. O'Brien also was included in Crain's Business Reports' "40 under 40" and Essence magazine?s "40 under 40," both in 2004. O'Brien was named to Irish American Magazine's "Top 100 Irish Americans" on two occasions.

She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. O'Brien also serves on the board of directors for The Harlem School for the Arts.

MSN Virtual Earth

MSN did a silent launch of their upcoming software MSN Virtual Earth in competition with Google Earth.


Joke of the day!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Top Cities for Public Transportation

According to a recent research conducted by American Community Survey (March 2004), New York scored high points for mass transit used by commuters.


New York, NY 55%
Washington, DC 37%
Boston, MA 31%
San Francisco, CA 31%
Chicago, IL 27%
Philadelphia, PA 27%
Newark, NJ 26%
Baltimore, MD 25%
Pittsburgh, PA 22%
Minneapolis, MN 17%
Seattle, WA 17%
Atlanta, GA 16%
Buffalo, NY 16%
Oakland, CA 13%
New Orleans, LA 12%
Cleveland, OH 12%
Portland, OR 12%
Saint Paul, MN 12%
Los Angeles, CA 12%
Honolulu, HI 11%
Saint Louis, MO 11%
Miami, FL 11%
Gresham, OR 11%

Lance Armstrong a Sports Icon

Each year, the course changes, the result stays the same.

For half a dozen years now, Tour de France organizers have tried to come up with a setup that would shake Lance Armstrong, but little did they know, the 33 years old Texan would not be deterred.

On an unbelievable seventh Tour De France win, Armstrong has a strong grip on the most grueling test in sports the remains strong as ever.

As he says “It’s nice to finish your career on a high note, as a sportsman, I wanted to go out on top.”

Lance who has become the most winingest rider, has become an icon for a lot of people, the person who fought cancer and come back to be the No.1 cyclist defeating all odds.

Today Lance Armstrong will go ahead and win his last and final 7th Tour De France of his career.

There is a very strong message that come from this “never give up hope, always fight hard”.

Lastly, Lance Armstrong will never be forgotten by anyone in the days to come.

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Nitya and Sukhi’s wedding

First off, congratulations Sukhi and Nitya for a happy married life. Yesterday was one of the days where I realized dreams do come true. Both Nitya and Sukhi who knew each other for six years yes a long time, but little did they know that they were meant to be together. Yesterday was one of the days which will change their lives for ever; both completed their wedding ceremony and are now husband and wife. It is always nice to see good friends coming together and getting married.

Lastly, always be happy.



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